“Forget ‘try harder’. When your brain works differently, you need to try different.”

Jessica McCabe

I work with ADHD clients that are diagnosed, waiting for a diagnosis or self-identify as ADHD. Our work together focuses around lived experience and individualising support plans that utilise counselling and coaching skills when and where needed. Our work can include face to face, online and in the client’s house for practical life skill and body doubling work.

Areas of focus include:

  • Celebrating your strengths and the unique skills you have to offer.
  • Being kind to yourself and giving yourself permission to stop.
  • Being heard around your lived experience and the impact this has had on your life.
  • Working with the co-occurring conditions that are present.
  • Developing a plan for school/work that supports your needs.
  • Exploring anxiety, self-esteem, inner critic and where you fit in.
  • Coping strategies/defence mechanisms – how, why, when they show up.
  • Understanding and working with Rejection Sensitivity Dysphoria.
  • Exploring relationship and communication challenges.
  • Managing emotional dysregulation.
  • Dopamine and what this looks like for you.
  • Developing personalised brain hacks to work with your brain and not against it.
  • Body doubling work around household chores, meal prep, studying and project work.
  • Supporting with financial planning and budgeting.

Pricing and Booking

I offer a free 30 minute consultation over the phone or in person to discuss your needs and answer any questions you may have.

My counselling and coaching session fee is £55 per hour, payable by BACS or Cash.

If you are interested in my home visit service to support with practical life skills and body doubling work, please contact me to discuss needs and pricing.

07598 032157

Exmouth, Devon, UK


Registered member: NCS17-05855