Teen Change

Adolescence is your right of passage to adulthood that involves physical, biological and cognitive (mental) changes. Your experience of adolescence is unique to you and many navigate these years well. This life transition is exciting, full of opportunity, learning and exploration, but it can also feel scary, uncertain and hard. It can become muddled further by things that might also be happening in your home, at school and within your online life. During this period of huge change your brain is not yet fully matured, or ready to deal with some of the challenges coming your way, it can hijack you into patterns of unhelpful thinking and wobble your mental resilience!


Let’s Talk Mental Health

Often, we can be very good at looking after our physical health. If we are ill, we go to the doctors, right? We will tell people we are sick and sometimes we might even take a day off school or work – a duvet day! What we are not so good at is asking for help if we feel emotionally or mentally unwell. Feeling hopeless, experiencing fear or shame, unhelpful or intrusive thoughts are not something we may want to share openly with friends or family. Often mental illness is bottled up and silenced because we are worried about what people might think or say about us.

Please do not suffer in silence. Speak to someone now if you are suffering or have a concern about your mental health.