What is the difference between counselling and coaching?

Both counselling and coaching are talking interventions that are underpinned by the same core conditions of genuineness, acceptance and working from the client’s unique perspective. Both create a positive relationship between the client and therapist, and both require training around human behaviour and motivation. Where they differ is, counselling will look at the past and present experiences of the client and work to heal the emotional or mental wounds from those experiences, for example bullying or bereavement.  Coaching will focus on the present and future and involves goal setting to achieve a specific outcome, for example preparation for an interview or transition within education or a job role.


How can counselling help?

Your sessions are your time to help you make sense of feelings, thoughts and behaviours you might be experiencing. It is often easier to talk to someone who is not emotionally linked to you, or your family, in an environment that feels safe and calm. We will work together to raise awareness of what is going on for you, unlock your choices and promote positive change in your life.


How can coaching help?

Your sessions will enable you to build confidence, develop your skills and prepare for change within an unbiased and empowering environment. You will have the opportunity to formulate a plan and set goals to ensure you are as prepared as possible for the next step – whatever that may be!