Who am I?

My passion to offer an early intervention counselling and coaching service to children, young people and adults comes from a culmination of my professional roles and personal experiences.


Working with children and young people

I have worked with young people for much of my career, starting as a secondary science teacher in schools in both the UK and abroad. My role as a residential support worker in a secure children’s unit enabled me to nurture and care for young people with significant and complex welfare needs. More recently I have counselled 11-18 year olds from a Devon secondary school, alongside private clients around areas of anxiety, bullying, anger and bereavement. My work with young people has enabled them to navigate the changes and complexities of the teenage years. To understand their own behaviours in response to confusing or traumatic experiences and develop healthy coping and communication mechanisms when it all feels too overwhelming.

Working with adults

My adult counselling work has focused on the impact of past and present events. Together with my clients, we have looked at how these might be influencing current experiences and relationships. I have worked with a variety of individuals, from different backgrounds and walks of life, around end of life counselling, relationship breakdowns, anxiety, depression and suicidal ideation. Being married to a former Royal Marine and working with military charities, I have had the privilege of coaching service leavers to successfully navigate their transition into civilian life.


A little bit about my young adult years

As a teenager, I experienced huge change as a result of my dad serving in the military and dying abroad when I was 15 years old. My mum then suicided when I was 19 and I became a guardian of my younger brother and sister. My own counselling when I was a young adult enabled me to acknowledge my early experiences and understand my behaviours thereafter. Early intervention was crucial to be able to talk about and understand my losses, so they didn’t escalate into bigger challenges for me. Although extremely difficult at the time, I believe it is these critical events that enable me to connect positively with the teenagers and adults that I now work with.